m. (grassy) field Anglicized spellings agha


m. acre Common compounds acra mór (=the big acre/ the big field)


f. river Used in the genitive form habhann in fieldnames. Anglicized spelling Owen~, Haun Examples Owenass River, Co. Laois; Gort na Haun (field), Carrigeen, Co. Kilkenny; Achadh na hAbhna (townland), Co. Longford


f., gen. na hÁithe kiln Common Compounds Achadh na hÁiche = Kiln Field Anglicized Spelling ~ haia


m. 1. grassland 2. uncultivated/ unploughed land Common compounds bán mór (=big field), bán fada (=long field), bán glas (=green field), bán beag (=little field) possible spelling variations baun, bawn, bon Examples Bán buí, Kilbline, Co. Kilkenny; Bawn na hulla, Ruthstown, Co. Kilkenny


m. diminutive to bóthar: country lane Anglicized spelling boreen, borin Examples Borinortz, Rathgarvan or Clifden, Co. Kilkenny


f. milking place in summer pasturage Anglicized spelling Boley, Booley, Foley, Bailey, Bewley Examples Boleykeagh, Priesthaggard, Co. Wexford