One of our contacts – she’s really a part of the team by now – recently got fieldnames from Dysertmore in Co. Kilkenny. She’s been watching the tutorials and has found them useful. During lockdown, she has provided people with fieldpaper atlasses and had them write their fieldnames in them. As far as I understand it, the person does not live there any longer.

As I was doing the #30daymapchallenge for November, I made a map of that property as the last challenge.

I don’t know if Dysertmore is a sub-townland, because there must be a reason for the name of the manor house, but it’s all part of Newgrove anyway. There are no fieldnames given in O’Kelly’s book and since there don’t seem to be any archaeological features, I didn’t look it up in Carrigan’s History.

I suspect the land wasn’t in the same family for terribly long, because the names are all quite plain, but maybe that is also just because there was nothing of significance there before.

But of course, it is still good to have the names recorded!

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