Recently, I came upon a very new local publication by Michael Brennan about Ballyfoyle (show on OSM). He mentions a few fieldnames and other placenames, so I contacted him to see would he be willing and able to give some of them to me. Two days later, he dropped in with his mask and his book. I had made muffins, but forgotten that you can’t eat with a mask on.

One field name I came across in his book is the Stage Field (show on OSM). He explains that in the times long gone when there were open air dances, the stage was erected in that field. Especially, when there were fundraisers to build St. Joseph’s Church in Ballyfoyle, those dances were helt. One of the newly built houses there now bears the name Stagefield House.

His homeplace is very near the Dunmore Caves, in fact I think it was his father who re-discovered them. So, they have the Cave Field (show on OSM) and the Far Cave Field, for example. Their homeplace is in the townsland of Mothel or Mohil or Mohill, whatever floats your boat, but it makes the naming part of mapping a bit tricky. The lane the homeplace is on is the Mothel Lane, but I guess spelling variations are also legitimate. Two interesting field names are Banse and the Turnip Field, the latter being interesting, because it still shows a crop being grown there a long time ago. He said that Banse showed a connection to the Glebe. There is a townsland in Kilkenny called Banse Glebe. tells me that the word refers to a “wood or coal shed next to a barn” Since there are stable fields and barn fields, why not also a banse field, especially since the stable field borders unto the Banse? These two are in the townsland of Corbettstown.

Bordering to their homeplace is the townsland of Ruthstown. This is named after the Rothe family (which spelled their name as Roothe as well, it’s the time of the Great Vowel ShiftWikipedia. More specificly, it is named after the family of John Rothe Fitzpiers, who built Rothe House in KilkennyWikipedia and died in 1620 – four hundred years ago this year. Just across the townsland border from the Far Cave Field, we find Rothe’s Field and John Rothe’s Field even after all this time.

Fieldnames in Mohil, Ruthstown, Corbettstown etc

If you look at the map, you’ll see that there are more fieldnames mapped to the east. They were actually collected by Michael, I believe and found their way to me via his sister some weeks ago.

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