screenshot overpass turbo
overpass-turbo query for fieldnames in the Republic of Ireland

As of today, 796 fieldnames have been added to OpenStreetMap for the Republic of Ireland, and 24 for Northern Ireland. Very few of them are village greens, to be honest, but there does not seem to be an official tag to differentiate between a meadow and a green.

I use overpass-turbo to get those numbers, see code to the right. I’m only a beginner on that, but it’s quite useful to extract data from OSM.

One would think more people had given it a try, judging by the views on my tutorials on YouTube.

There have been very successful council efforts to collect and record fieldnames, so the numbers on OSM are much lower than for the council projects in Cork, Meath, Louth or Kilkenny.

County no. of fieldnames on OSM
Antrim 20
Armagh 0
Carlow 0
Cavan 0
Clare 2
Cork 7
Derry 1
Donegal 1
Down 3
Dublin 4
Fermanagh 0
Galway 3
Kerry 1
Kildare 8
Kilkenny 527
Laois 6
Leitrim 2
Limerick 1
Longford 0
Louth 1
Mayo 7
Meath 3
Monaghan 1
Offaly 18
Roscommon 0
Sligo 0
Tipperary 3
Tyrone 0
Waterford 3
Westmeath 0
Wexford 200
Wicklow 0

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